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Hi, my name is Guilherme Luchesi

Badge de Angular Champion pelo Code School

Who I am

Front-End Developer with 5 years of expertease, including 1 year at the European market. Experience managing projects and dealing directly with clients, including CMS plataform training.

Broad knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, certificate as Master in Front End by Code School. Using on daily basis Sass and Post CSS, Web Animations, Angular and React to generate static sites with Gatsby.

Angular Champion and Mean Stack Ninja by Code School.
Passionate about WordPress.

Badge de MEAN Stack Ninja pelo Code School
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What does it mean?

It means I've got great qualifications to help you or your company to reach your objectives with practical, modern and assertive solutions. Institutional projects, custom CMS, e-commerce, web apps and so on, you can count on me to develop it.

Latest Professional Experience

Develop and maintain small applications built with AngularJS and creation of WordPress solutions. Also, small projects using a static site generator for React as research for building a service of a serverless website provider.

Help finding a way to make the internet empowerment accessible with quality even to small companies which can't a afford a cutting edge CMS platform.

Part of the Front-end team responsible for developing The Snapys's MVP and creation of WordPress' themes for clients of the most various areas.

Ilustração do Guilherme Luchesi piscando

This is what I do

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